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Contact details

Keys can be collected 24/7 after a telephone contact

Owner details

  • Company name:Scouts St Sébastien - WILTZ a.s.b.l.
  • Street:Château de Wiltz
  • Address:9516, WILTZ, Luxembourg

Our locations

Chalet JIMrue du Village JIM9576 WILTZLuxembourg
Chalet POW-WOWrue du Village POW-WOW9576 WILTZLuxembourg
Chalet PARADISOrue du Village PARADISO9576 WILTZLuxembourg
Chalet RANCH MOOT62 rue des Charretiers RANCH MOOT9514 WILTZLuxembourg
Chalet JITZrue des Pêcheurs JITZ9552 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp AIGLErue des Charretiers AIGLE9514 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp 9 LIEVRESrue des Pêcheurs 99552 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp 10 SANGLIERSrue des Pêcheurs 109552 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp 19 RENARDSrue du Village 199576 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp 20 CASTORSrue du Village 209576 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp 21 MARMOTTErue du Village 219576 WILTZLuxembourg
Camp HIBOUXrue du Village 9576 WILTZLuxembourg


With online payment you have the possibility to confirm your reservation immediately

By booking on our website you can be sure that there will be a place waiting for you. We also guarantee the lowest price.

You can obtain information about your account number and payment methods specific to your reservation by making a reservation online.

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Data for transfers

  • Bank account information:LU34 0022 1270 7310 0000
  • Bank:Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
  • Recipient's name:Scouts St Sébastien - Wiltz
  • Recipient address:Château de Wiltz L-9516 WILTZ